Our Story

EvAIntel utilizes AI to build an Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (EAI) across your business’ value chain.  We were founded in 2017 by executives from top firms in management & technology consulting, data management, enterprise analytics, machine learning, cognitive automation, and artificial intelligence.

After reviewing, researching, and working in the enterprise applications and business process transformation markets for a combined 100 years of relevant experience, our executive team realized that not only was there a foundational enterprise analytics application missing-link but there was also a need for an integrated enterprise ‘knowledge at your fingers tips’ intelligence application.  Therefore, EvAIntel’s sole objective is to design, engineer, and provide EAI software applications and services across your business’ value chain and ecosystem.

EvAIntel is uniquely qualified to be your EAI software applications and services Partner.  Contact us today to get the conversation started.


Meet the Team

Reimagining and executing innovative Enterprise Artificial Intelligence solutions takes a special team of visionary thinkers and doers.  Meet the EvAIntel leadership team:


SOMEONE GREAT, President & Chief Operating Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Technology Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Data Science Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Services Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Customer Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Financial Officer
SOMEONE GREAT, Chief Talent Officer

EVA, Chief Intelligence Officer


Next Steps…

EvAIntel can help. Whether you want an Enterprise Artificial Intelligence strategy and roadmap or to pilot your Enterprise Artificial Intelligence journey, contact our experts today to get the conversation started.

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